Climate-controlled storage at Storage Box Central in Ewing, New Jersey

Climate-Controlled Storage in Ewing, New Jersey

When you live in Ewing, New Jersey, extreme summer heat and winter cold is the norm. At Storage Box Central, we understand that some of the items you intend to store with us can be delicate to fluctuations in weather. Storage Box Central’s climate-controlled self storage units offer extra protection for your belongings from those extreme shifts in temperature. By keeping your unit at a steady temperature, we create a more stable environment for your weather-sensitive things.

Do I Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

Climate-controlled storage from Storage Box Central adds an extra layer of safety for temperature-sensitive items in long-term storage. Electronics, musical instruments, wood and leather furniture, corporate papers and inventory, works of art and pictures, and antiquities are the most common items that can be impacted by drastic environmental changes.

Still not sure if a climate-controlled unit is something you need? Our onsite team of storage professionals is just a phone call away and ready to help.

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