Referral program at Storage Box Central in Vineland, New Jersey

$50 Referral Program

You Deserve Credit!!!

Storage Box Central wants to reward you! Do you currently store your belongings with us and want to get a $50 rent credit? Well, you have definitely come to the right place! Here at Storage Box Central, you can get unlimited $50 rent credits. It is simple and easy too! All you have to do is refer customers to us. If you send somebody in and they rent a unit from us, you will get a $50 credit off your next month's rent. All they have to do is give us your name and unit number.


Don't forget that this is an unlimited offer! If you send us ten people and they each rent a unit, that's $500 in rent credits. Hey..if you send us a hundred people that rent a unit, you will get $5,000 in rent credits!! They sky is the limit!


The customer that is being referred to Storage Box Central must stay for a minimum of 2 months or the $50 Referral Credit will be charged back.